What are Animal Bridegrooms?

They’re just what the name implies.

Animal bride stories or animal bridegroom stories are tales that involve a human in a romantic relationship with an animal. They often fall within the AT 425 – 449 classification types, and sometimes the “animal” or “beast” isn’t actually an animal at all, but a disembodied head or some sort of object. For our purposes, we’ll include tales that involve marriage, almost marriage, or broad sexual overtones to an animal or animal-human hybrid.

As the website grows, we’ll also look at modern updates to classic stories as well as variants on the human/animal story present in today’s popular fiction and media.

Why bother to study weird things like that?

Why does anyone bother to study anything?

These types of stories exist all over the world, and in all reaches of recorded time. Animals have long fascinated humans, and we have found in them symbols and metaphors, companions and bogey men. Studying the stories can give us insight into the beliefs and ideas of civilizations over time and space.

Plus, you know, a lot of them are fun to tell around a campfire. 🙂

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